Flume – Wall Fuck

Last week Australian electronic producer Flume, or the golden boy as I like to refer to him, released a new track from his Skin LP, titled Wall Fuck. The perhaps a little jarring title accurately reflects the sudden bouncing around from soaring layered vocals to hard hitting trap drums. However all these little pieces weave together beautifully in the end. I’ll be honest, the first couple times I listened to it I wasn’t a fan, but the more I listened to it the more I loved it.

Flume’s Skin LP drops May 27.


Tuesday Tunes #3

Australian indie pop band San Cisco continue to impress, dropping their sophomore album last week, titled Gracetown. This album is a delightful blend of fun, upbeat tracks as well as some deep soul-searching, moving songs.

Standout tracks: Too Much Time Together, About You, Skool

Action Bronson dropped a video for Actin Crazy, which is just well, crazy! It weird and wacky as hell and the beat on that song is just so sick.

Mumford and Sons have gone electronic with their new song Believe. It is sure to set up waves of arguments in the Youtube comment section but I think it is a powerful, soulful track, with elements of their folk sound still present. The moment when the electric guitar solo kicks in with the pounding drums evokes such a visceral feeling.

Finally Kanye’s All Day has been released. The song was first premiered at the Brit Awards, where he gave an absolutely vicious performance, with a hundred-strong crowd and flamethrowers on stage. It is by far the most aggressive track he has unveiled from his new Album, So Help Me God.

Here’s the playlist on Spotify.


Tuesday Tunes #2

Tkay Maidza kicks off this week’s Tuesday Tunes. Her new track M.O.B brings us her unique blend of electronic music and rap. It’s a sure bet for a party starter!

Paces, a producer for Tkay on her Triple J Hottest 100 track Switch Lanes, recently dropped a track called Nothing’s Forever. It features Kučka on the vocals and it is a gorgeous banger.

UP and coming producer UV boi فوق بنفسجي from Brisbane released an excellent remix of Australian rapper Citizen Kay’s Chosen. I love the heavy-hitting syncopated bass hits, which seem to be a signature of UV boi.

Finally as summer down under is drawing to a close, have a listen to the classic, Summer Breeze, covered by the Isley Brothers. Put this on, relax and let the good times roll.


Tuesday Tunes #1

New Tunes Tuesday is going to be a weekly post where I share my favourite songs from the past week.

To kick things off, Florence + the Machine has announced their new album, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. The titular track features minimal vocals, instead showing off a glorious brass ensemble.

She also released What Kind of Man, a kick-ass rock anthem, with a driving guitar and her signature powerful vocals. It is truly Florence at her best.

Her album comes out June 1st.

Meanwhile, Kanye West unveiled the first track off his new album, titled Wolves. It seems to combine the harsh electro production of Yeezus with the auto-tuned vocals from 808s and Heartbreak. The track seems fairly subdued and hopefully leads into an absolute banger.

Kendrick Lamar also released a new track, titled The Blacker The Berry. Fresh of his Grammy win for I, a track which some felt was too poppy and feel good, this is in total contrast. The beat is aggressive and Kendrick is viciously spitting fire. He is conflicted about the issue of racial violence and also the double standard, illustrated in the powerful couplet,

So why did I weep when Trayvon Martin was in the street?
When gang banging make me kill a nigga blacker than me?

A fantastic analysis of the track can be found here.

To round it up, Odesza who released a fantastic album last year, dropped a remix of We Belong, by RAC. It is one of those tracks that makes you feel so warm inside.

I’ve compiled these into a Spotify Playlist and I’ll be updating it each week. Not all of the tracks have been fully released yet, but I’ll add them when they are.

As always, enjoy!

Swelo – People Say (Cover)

Swelo is a math teacher. Yeah that’s right. But he also makes damn cool music. I was hooked on the album he released last year, titled Escalator Music, and today he released a cover of one of my favourite bands, Portugal. The Man’s ‘People Say’. Usually I have a tough time with covers because I inevitably compare the two and the cover has to be as good if not better than the original for me to enjoy it. On this track Swelo absolutely nails it, adding his own electronic, groovy flavour to the song. Enjoy!

You can check out his album HERE.

Misterwives – Reflections EP

I haven’t made a music post in a while so what better way to make a return than to talk about Misterwives’ debut EP Reflections! Their EP has been out since the start of the year and if you haven’t heard it yet then listen to it now. It is everything that makes a debut EP great – you can clearly hear their distinct flavour and they offer a variety of sounds on this record. Their music is great – its the kind where you want to just singalong and dance around without a care in the world. Reflections is the stand-out track, with lead vocalist Mandy Lee’s gorgeous voice shining throughout, while Vagabond has an infectiously pulsating chorus. Enjoy!

As an added bonus, Reflections was remixed into a delicious EDM track by Milkman. So put this on at your next party and be the envy of all your friends.

Chrome Sparks – Goddess

Goddess is the title track from Chrome Sparks’s forthcoming EP. It is a really broad, vast track, creating a diverse and incredible soundscape as you listen. After a gradual buildup, the song climaxes, with a multitude of funky rhythms bouncing off each other like fireflies dancing in the night, while the glorious melody just absolutely sings on top. Eventually the track slowly dims down, back to nothingness, which is when I press play, to feel the journey all over again.


Work Drugs – Insurgents

As autumn begins to kick in, or if work begins to pile up (looking at you uni assessments), or just if stress is getting you down, take some time out to listen to Work Drugs’s new album, Insurgents. For those of us down under, it will take you back in time to those glorious summery days, while those of you in the northern hemisphere can look forward to the summer not so far away. The album is filled with catchy vocals and synth lines to send you into that happy place, away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. My favourite tracks are Insurgents, Time, Digital Girl and Zeroes and Ones. Enjoy!

You can grab their album HERE.

George Barnett – 3 Statues

George Barnett dropped a new single today called Three Statues. You may be familiar with his cover of Get Lucky, which seems to have been taken off Youtube and Soundcloud. Nevertheless, he is an incredible young talent, having recorded a full album titled 17 Days, playing all of the instruments himself. Check out his album HERE.

Since then he’s released a mixtape and his Animal Keeper EP and now he’s released a new track, titled 3 Statues. It opens with wonderfully layered vocals, which are then joined with a funky percussion beat. It’s combined with some groovy guitar lines and his impressive as always vocals leaving you with a very fresh-sounding track. Seeing him develop and refine his sound is a real joy and I can’t wait to hear more from him in the future.

Catch the Throne

Game of Thrones released a hip-hop and rap mixtape to promote their new season today. Titled, ‘Catch the Throne’, (a play on Jay-Z and Kanye’s album Watch the Throne) it features a variety of artists including big names Common, Wale and Big Boi. Sampling from the show’s speeches and soundtrack, there are some really great tunes on this mixtape. The standouts for me were The Ladder by Common, a track featuring one of my favourite speeches from last season (Chaos is a ladder!), King Slayer by Wale, taking the show’s theme song and mixing into a dope hip hop beat, and Born to Rule by Daddy Yankee, a really funky song with elements from the exotic sounds of Essos.

It is certainly an innovative collaboration and as you might expect some of the tracks fall quite flat. But there are some real gems and I love the audacity of the project.

You can listen to the album here:

Game of Thrones Season 4 returns on April 6th.