Flume – Wall Fuck

Last week Australian electronic producer Flume, or the golden boy as I like to refer to him, released a new track from his Skin LP, titled Wall Fuck. The perhaps a little jarring title accurately reflects the sudden bouncing around from soaring layered vocals to hard hitting trap drums. However all these little pieces weave together beautifully in the end. I’ll be honest, the first couple times I listened to it I wasn’t a fan, but the more I listened to it the more I loved it.

Flume’s Skin LP drops May 27.


Misterwives – Reflections EP

I haven’t made a music post in a while so what better way to make a return than to talk about Misterwives’ debut EP Reflections! Their EP has been out since the start of the year and if you haven’t heard it yet then listen to it now. It is everything that makes a debut EP great – you can clearly hear their distinct flavour and they offer a variety of sounds on this record. Their music is great – its the kind where you want to just singalong and dance around without a care in the world. Reflections is the stand-out track, with lead vocalist Mandy Lee’s gorgeous voice shining throughout, while Vagabond has an infectiously pulsating chorus. Enjoy!

As an added bonus, Reflections was remixed into a delicious EDM track by Milkman. So put this on at your next party and be the envy of all your friends.

Chrome Sparks – Goddess

Goddess is the title track from Chrome Sparks’s forthcoming EP. It is a really broad, vast track, creating a diverse and incredible soundscape as you listen. After a gradual buildup, the song climaxes, with a multitude of funky rhythms bouncing off each other like fireflies dancing in the night, while the glorious melody just absolutely sings on top. Eventually the track slowly dims down, back to nothingness, which is when I press play, to feel the journey all over again.