ThoughtBlast is a blog dedicated to bringing you cool tunes and ideas about well, whatever we’re thinking of.

About the Authors

Jeremy Qiao is a uni student who has lots of stuff to say in his head but isn’t sure how to put it. That’s why he’s writing – to try and untangle all those thoughts into something worth sharing. He loves music and watching TV and movies, is an absolute nut about sports (especially the Boston Celtics) and when he isn’t being lazy he’s out there running.

Lin Yang, 19, Australian. Second year university student, majoring in linguistics, and physics.
With a love for pop culture, Lin writes about anything that it has to offer, from television shows (Suits, My Mad Fat Diary), music (K-pop), and movies (Akira, Gravity).
He’s also a wine enthusiast, lover of science, addicted manga reader, Stephen Fry fanatic, late Christopher Hitchens appreciator, and lover for Neil Degrasse Tyson. When he needs a break, he’ll go for a run, or bathe in the company of friends.
Always thinking, and always happy to listen.


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