Tuesday Tunes #3

Australian indie pop band San Cisco continue to impress, dropping their sophomore album last week, titled Gracetown. This album is a delightful blend of fun, upbeat tracks as well as some deep soul-searching, moving songs.

Standout tracks: Too Much Time Together, About You, Skool

Action Bronson dropped a video for Actin Crazy, which is just well, crazy! It weird and wacky as hell and the beat on that song is just so sick.

Mumford and Sons have gone electronic with their new song Believe. It is sure to set up waves of arguments in the Youtube comment section but I think it is a powerful, soulful track, with elements of their folk sound still present. The moment when the electric guitar solo kicks in with the pounding drums evokes such a visceral feeling.

Finally Kanye’s All Day has been released. The song was first premiered at the Brit Awards, where he gave an absolutely vicious performance, with a hundred-strong crowd and flamethrowers on stage. It is by far the most aggressive track he has unveiled from his new Album, So Help Me God.

Here’s the playlist on Spotify.