Indestructible – SNSD


“Indestructible” is a new track from SNSD’s Japanese greatest hits collection and in true SNSD Japan fashion, it’s a familiar girl group sound with impeccable production. Everything about this song is pretty — the subdued R&B-influenced verses, the forcefully graceful chorus, the sweeping instrumentals, the snappy piano line. It’s a pleasant song, something I wouldn’t mind setting as my alarm — and of course the deal-breaker is that it’s well-executed. It’s not ground-breaking, nothing on this song is new or revolutionary, but it’s such a pleasure to listen to. And we all need songs like this in our libraries — songs we genuinely enjoy listening to. In a sense these qualities give “Indestructible” a timeless quality. This is a song that will still sound timely years from now.

Lin Yang