Thoughts on Game of Thrones – ‘Mockingbird’

Each week of Game of Thrones this season we’re going to be posting a collection of thoughts about the episode in the form of a recap/review. This is from the perspective of someone who has read the first two books and not any further than that, so the show’s plot will all be new to me. Also, please watch the show beforehand because there will be SPOILERS! Enjoy!

After Tyrion’s well acted trial turned into chaos last week, the episode begins with Jaime furious at his little brother for ruining his deal with Tywin. But, a tearful Tyrion explains he couldn’t listen to the lies and half truths Shae was saying in court, especially because he fell in love with a whore who he believed wasn’t a backstabbing, lying, manipulative individual in King’s Landing. Tyrion also admits that it felt good to take Tywin’s dreams away from him.

 My love for Oberyn grows

Recounting the story of visiting the infant Tyrion and expecting, based on rumor, to find a monster, Oberyn recalls seeing only a mostly normal baby. For the prince, the memory speaks to his ongoing surprise with Tyrion, now regarding him as the Lannister he respects and wishes to save. For Tyrion, however, it’s juxtaposed because it reminds him of the constant irrational hatred he’s had to suffer his entire life, from his sister to father, causing years of bottled emotions to surface once again.

Oberyn : “But it’s not a monster… It’s just a baby”


 Daenerys Targaryen…Justice and sex

In Mereen, Daario sneaks into her room unannounced and annoys her. However, he complains that he’s only good for war and women, and the one women he wants doesn’t want him back. So he begs her to send him off to kill her enemies, to do what he does best.

Her response? “Very well, do what you do best. Take off your clothes.” YASS GIRL

AfterwardsJorah runs into Daario in the hall, and it’s hilarious. Poor, jealous Jorah. But it turns out that despite the sex, Dany has chosen to send Daario and his men off to Yunkai to take it over again — and kill all the masters there. Literally all of them. That’s kinda crazy, which Jorah tries to explain.

Surprisingly, he actually gets through to her, and she decides to send Hizdahr zo Loraq (did I spell that right?), the Meereen nobleman we met last week, with Daario. He can explain to the masters in Yunkai that they have a choice: Live in her new world, or die in their old one. She adds that Jorah can tell Daario he changed her mind. Aw. That totally makes up for the fact that he’s stuck in the friend zone, right?
On a serious note, I wonder what type of leader and queen Daenarys will become in the future. If the latest episode is any indication, she truly deserves the Iron Throne.

Sansa and Arya. Complete opposites in the Stark family.

The episode’s saving grace lies in the contrast that the series continues to develop between the two young women of the Stark family. Sansa has long since taken up position as the show’s most pitiable major character, someone with absolutely no control over her fate, and “Mockingbird” only exacerbates her problems. If the latest episode is any indication, she’s only a pawn in a big, complicated chess game, where she’s used for in other people’s schemes.

Over the last few episodes, Petyr’s schemes are coming to light and fruition, and I can’t wait to see more of them.

Later, Sansa can hear the whistling of the wind through the Moon Door as Lysa calls her into the throne room. She asks Sansa if she knows how far the fall is. When her aunt tells Sansa she knows what she did, Sansa thinks she’s referring to her fight with Robin, but Lysa soon calls her a whore for kissing Littlefinger. When Sansa tries to say it was Littlefinger that did the kissing, Lysa grabs her head and shoves it to the Moon Door. Littlefinger comes upon them and says to let the terrified Sansa go and he’ll send the girl away. Lysa tosses Sansa aside and as Littlefinger starts to comfort his wife, he tells her he’s only loved one woman his entire life.

“Your sister.”

Lysa’s death came out of nowhere, but it was fitting in an episode in which so many characters had their lives on the line.


However, her own lack of self-determination is the antithesis of Arya’s increasing fortitude. She casually puts a blade into the heart of old tormentor Rorge with all the care of shaking his hand, and when she calmly reassures a frightened Hound about cauterizing a wound, it’s clear that she’s adapted to the collapsed world of the series instead of crumbling with it like her sister.


The speech draws yet another line under how close Arya and The Hound have become, and his continuing earning of sympathy— the look on his face when he says “I didn’t steal it, I was just playing with it” points to a man who’s never grown past that scarred seven-year-old. Moved by his confession, Arya offers to clean his wound and he quietly accepts.


Can’t wait for next week, where we hopefully get to see Oberyn use a sword and show us what he can do, besides the bed. Honestly, at this point I’m hoping the rest of the season we don’t end up with Daenerys ruling a kingdom, with her advisors and soldiers. I don’t want to see her going back and forth ruling these kingdoms, especially when there’s no dragon action. She’s had a couple of good scenes and lines, but her progression in the story is slowing down. Also with everyone else travelling somewhere in twos, I wonder with only 3 episodes left what’s going to happen. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Lin Yang




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