Thoughts on Game of Thrones – ‘Breaker of Chains’

Each week of Game of Thrones this season we’re going to be posting a collection of thoughts about the episode in the form of a recap/review. This is from the perspective of someone who has read the first two books and not any further than that, so the show’s plot will all be new to me. Also, please watch the show beforehand because there will be SPOILERS! Enjoy!

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Chrome Sparks – Goddess

Goddess is the title track from Chrome Sparks’s forthcoming EP. It is a really broad, vast track, creating a diverse and incredible soundscape as you listen. After a gradual buildup, the song climaxes, with a multitude of funky rhythms bouncing off each other like fireflies dancing in the night, while the glorious melody just absolutely sings on top. Eventually the track slowly dims down, back to nothingness, which is when I press play, to feel the journey all over again.


Thoughts on Game of Thrones – “Purple Wedding”


Each week of Game of Thrones this season we’re going to be posting a collection of thoughts about the episode in the form of a recap/review. This is from the perspective of someone who has read the first two books and not any further than that, so the show’s plot will all be new to me. Also, please watch the show beforehand because there will be SPOILERS! Enjoy!

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Okay, so Crayon Pop aka Slayon Pop aka The Divine 5 have made a comeback with their hit single “UH-EE!” this past week, and world peace is now a reality!
So the song, or production, best described as a techno-old-Korean-trot-song has a very simple, but addicting techno beat that only seems to be comprised of some quick hitting synths, snares and cymbals. The main beat, with its infectious end riff is very Crayon Pop, which helps Crayon Pop both solidify their own music style, and give their fans what they know to love about this Korean act.

What I love most about this song is that it’s not so much inviting, but demanding to be loved and danced to. Crayon Pop’s strength is not their songs, but they’re choreography, so why not do a dance-in-a-box song which you can actually have fun to?tumblr_n3bkzwFSFG1rxq8syo5_250


The dance, aside from being seemingly manic, is fun to watch and Crayon Pop sells it well. There’s a ton of movement and Crayon Pop looks like they’re participating in some tribal war ceremony as often as they look like they’re dancing. It borders on exhausting to watch but the earnestness with which Crayon Pop attacks the choreography stops things from becoming laughable.tumblr_n3bkzwFSFG1rxq8syo6_250


Crayon Pop not only marches to the beat of their own drum, they aggressively don’t care about embarrassment and use that to their advantage to gain publicity. And while that can be off-putting to those who aren’t on Crayon Pop’s wavelength (and don’t wish to be), the group has managed to do what few groups can; carve out an identifiable image for themselves.

“UH-EE” is unapologetically Crayon Pop-espque in its wardrobe, choreography and direction and while niches always run the risk of putting themselves into corners, with “UH-EE” Crayon Pop proves that they have the power to just dance all over those naysayers and have the last laugh, because they dun give a damn.

I’d just LOVE to see you TRY not to dance in the club with this playing, because I know I will be!


Lin Yang



Game of Thrones – “Two Swords” Review

Each week of Game of Thrones this season I’m going to be posting a collection of my thoughts about the episode in the form of a recap/review. This is from the perspective of someone who has read up to a Storm of Swords and not any further than that, so the show’s plot will all be new to me. Also, please watch the show beforehand because there will be SPOILERS! Enjoy!

Holy shit. Game of Thrones is back. Immediately we are reminded of the defeat of the Starks at the hands of the Lannisters, with Ice, Ned’s Valyrian Steel greatsword, being melted down and hearing the Rains of Castamere. The burning of the wolf afterwards really drove that point home. It was also a move so typical of Tywin, being so pragmatic as to make two swords out of the steel.

“Tell him the Lannisters aren’t the only ones who pay their debts.” We’re introduced to Oberyn Martell, a prince from Dorne. On the surface he looks like a charming womaniser, who’s allegedly slept with half of Westeros. Beneath that lies a hot-headed warrior who wants to avenge his sister. He possibly brings some danger towards the Lannisters, though he is just one person. But it emphasises the fact that even though they’ve “won the war”, the Lannisters have made many enemies and these enemies will continue to sprout up. The plot revolving around Oberyn will definitely be interesting this season.

Meanwhile, across the narrow sea, Daenarys’s dragons have grown a bit bigger, to the point where she cannot control them so easily. Jorah is as somber as ever and Daario Naharis (who has been recast) continues to try and charm his way into Dany’s pants. The location scouting was impeccable, as this shot of Dany is just gorgeous.

Game of Thrones 2

Back at King’s Landing Jaime is having trouble with well, everyone he seems to run into. After a less than fun conversation with Tywin, Cersei denies him sex claiming he “took too long” (seemed pretty unreasonable to me), Joffrey mocks him and Brienne pesters him leading to him saying she could be a Lannister (maybe then he would be interested in her). Joffrey is ever present as that entitled little shit he is, claiming that “I won the war” and blatantly disrespecting his uncle/dad with “A 40 year old knight with one hand? How can you protect me with that.” All done with that shit-eating smirk.

Game of Thrones 1

Up north the wildlings have been joined by a menacing tribe of cannibals called Thenns. These guys looked seriously menacing and its no wonder Tormund fucking hates them. Jon is put on trial for his deeds and gets away with it having told the truth about Mance and the wildlings and their impending attack.

They really saved the best for the last scene. Possibly the most likeable duo on the show, Arya and the Hound stumble upon an inn where Polliver happens to be. The Hound was menacing as ever, downing a jug of ale without breaking eye contact, and delivered some great lines: “If any more words come pouring out of your cunt mouth, I’ll have to eat every fucking chicken in this room.” The real star however, was Arya. Maisie Williams was absolutely cold-blooded in recounting the words Polliver said as he killed Lommy, and then wiping Needle of its blood afterwards. I thought it was poetic that they decided to end the episode with Arya regaining Needle after the loss of Ice in the opening scene. The showrunners don’t hesitate to remind us that this is a small victory though and that the burning road ahead is filled with danger. The white horse she’s riding on is a symbol of hope and we as viewers must also hope that she can get the vengeance she deserves.

Game of Thrones 3

This episode featured many scenes to set up the rest of the season and get us all back into it. Strap yourselves in, because this season looks like it’s going to be one hell of a ride.


Work Drugs – Insurgents

As autumn begins to kick in, or if work begins to pile up (looking at you uni assessments), or just if stress is getting you down, take some time out to listen to Work Drugs’s new album, Insurgents. For those of us down under, it will take you back in time to those glorious summery days, while those of you in the northern hemisphere can look forward to the summer not so far away. The album is filled with catchy vocals and synth lines to send you into that happy place, away from all the hustle and bustle of everyday life. My favourite tracks are Insurgents, Time, Digital Girl and Zeroes and Ones. Enjoy!

You can grab their album HERE.

Update on the Blog

So as of today I have a new writer to join me! My friend Lin is now our resident K-Pop Correspondent and will also be writing about film and TV and all the other cool stuff ThoughtBlast is about.

With the Community reviews, because I’ve been really busy with uni stuff I’m going to review the whole season after it finishes in two weeks. I’ve also got some new content planned for this blog so watch this space!


SNSD – Mr.Mr.


After reinventing their music on their last messy single, “I Got A Boy”, by combining 4 genres into one song, they dialled down the crazy for their comeback single, “Mr.Mr.”

This whole week I have been debating on whether or not to write a review on the new SNSD EP. However, while having the entire album on loop for the past week, I realised I have only one general observation, which is shown quite well by the lead single.

Firstly, what made “I Got A Boy” the mess that it was, was the lack of cohesion within the song. Therefore, to have their comeback single, “Mr.Mr”, not make that mistake again, is a good thing.

“Mr.Mr” has a funky bubblegum bounce that carries the entire song, the abundance of lush synths that flows into your ears from the beginning to end, the fun disco strings that glide in on the chorus, and the very addicting EDM dance breakdown near the third quarter of the song.

Everything is carefully, and well put together in a nice little package, and the pop song pleases your ears. It’s everything a pop song should be, and for that I applaud them.

However, behind the songs glossy exterior, “Mr.Mr.” falls short on its very foundations.

It’s a nice song to have playing in the background at home or in a movie because you can take any ten seconds and everything that can happen, is happening — synth loops and guitars and bass — but that’s it.

This has been my issue with SNSD’s Korean repertoire for quite some time already. It’s that there’s too much focus on the style that the substance is lost in the process. Their songs aren’t dynamic, and they lack dimension. While I don’t condone style, in fact it’s half the make-up of a song, I still believe that substance and musical foundations shouldn’t be sacrificed in favor of it.

For example, it’s like a female wearing too much make up to attract a mate, or a film using too much CGI to become successful (Transformers), or a piece of food that looks amazing to eat, but lacks flavour. Just like how the style of the song trumps its substance.

Because of the lopsided amounts of style and substance put into it, “Mr.Mr.” becomes a very flimsy song — there’s very, very little underneath all the flashy synth loops and the gripping but disjointed melody.

When you can strip away an amazing production from a song and still have the remains of something brilliant, that’s when you know you’ve nailed it. However, that has not been achieved with SNSD’s latest single.

What are your thoughts on SNSD’s latest single?

By Lin Yang.